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My shipping costs are based on the list of fees of the Deutsche Post rounded up or down into EUR, GBP, USD AU$. There is no charge for handling or package other than that. I always combine shipping (if possible).

Shipping costs - Combined shipping

UK+ EU Countries
51- 100 grams 1.50 GBP/ 2 EUR Airmail letter
101- 500 grams 3.50 GBP / 4.50 EUR Airmail letter
501-1000 grams 4.50 GBP / 6 EUR Airmail letter
1001-2000 grams 6.50 GBP / 8.60 EUR small parcel
2 - 25 kgs 12.50 GBP / 15 EUR Hermes “S”parcel insured
(will hold 2-3 linen rolls and small items)
2– 25 kgs 14.50 / 20 EUR Hermes “M” Parcel, insured
(will hold up to 6 linen rolls or 32 mangle cloths )

US + Australia+ Canada + World
51- 100 grams 6 USD Airmail letter
101- 500 grams 12 USD Airmail large letter
501-1000 grams 19 USD Airmail large letter
1001-2000 grams 19 USD surface small parcel
2001- 5000 grams 47 USD parcel (US) *
2001- 5000 grams 54 USD parcel (AU/CA/JP)*
* with online tracking

German post does not offer insurance on international small parcels or Airmail letters, but
All airmail letters can be sent inscribed (+3 USD) - recommended!

50-500 Gramm 1.50 EUR
1000 - 5000 Gramm 4 EUR

So far, all items made it safely to their new owners. If you know of a good+ cheap shipping service to your country, please let me know.

Refund/return policy
Buyer’s satisfaction is very important for me; please email me immediately if you find the item is not as described. Returns accepted.

How to pay
Paypal please!
No checks, sorry (They take up to 6 weeks to clear over here). EU members /Euro Zone may send money by bank transfer as well.
Please email me with any question. Thank you.