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How to wash antique linen


About us

Hello, my name is Ursula. I am German, married to an Englishman. I live and work in an old timber-framed house (built in 1810) in Germany, Prussia/Brandenburg area, not far from Berlin. I have always been in love with antique stuff, especially textiles, and in 2007 I began to buy and sell antique linens and vintage textiles. It is such a joy to be able to share the love to these quality textiles with you. In 2008 twins arrived in our family, and I stopped trading antique linens. In 2010 I am selling all my private collection of antique linens on and I am using a non business ebay account for this: devoted.linenlover. Please search ebay for mangle cloth, german, linen roll, grain sack etc.
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We bought this lovely old farmhouse, built 1810 in 2004. It was in a bad state back then, and after 15 months of DIY madness it tuned out to be the beauty wee saw in it from the first day...